An effective and guaranteed way to protect your shakuhachi flute against cracking. High-strength, small diameter black polyester twine is tightly wrapped at nine or ten locations along the length of the flute. Click to read Guarantee.


STANDARD BINDINGS - An economical yet very effective way to prevent flutes from splitting. Bindings are applied to surface of bamboo. I offer a variety of colors and shades of binding. (see flute galleries for some examples)

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INLAID BINDINGS - These look very similar to my standard bindings only they are inset to be flush with the surface, providing a smoother feel for the shakuhachi.

P1150978 - Version 2


INLAID RATTAN BINDINGS - These are the most elegant type of bindings available. Beautiful, superfine rattan overlays securely wrapped black bindings that are inlaid into the bamboo. Rattan is flush with the surface of the bamboo. (not recommended for thin-walled or meditation flutes; works very nicely with Madake and similar bamboo).