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Featuring a new and unique Cast-Interior system. 

Beautiful, strong tone with precise pitch tuning; these highly refined flutes are perfect for the beginning to advanced student and beyond. Tuned to concert pitch – A440 @ 68°F room temperature. Traditional Japanese minor pentatonic scale. 

These are high quality Jiari-type Shakuhachi Flutes featuring a non-toxic, mineral-based bore material. The bore is precisely shaped to Bring out the most highly refined resonance for every note and have perfect pitch throughout the octaves. The inside is coated with a non-toxic lacquer for beauty and durability.

Precision crafted acrylic inlay on the blowing edge for long-term performance. Inlay features an outline of sterling silver for elegance. 

Bound with high-strength bindings to prevent cracking.

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The pictures below are examples of flutes I have made. Please check my Etsy shop to see current listings:

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